Binary Program

Positive Cash Flow with a Low, Fixed Fee

Building your healthy A/R is our calling – and we’ve developed a refreshing approach that’s working for over 30,000 clients nationwide.

The Binary Program has revolutionized the way people think about – and react to – A/R management.

There’s no subterfuge, no scare tactics and no wild pricing.

Here’s what makes it so great:

  • Low Fixed Fees: Typically less than 5%
  • Highest Recovery Rates in the Industry
  • Web Convenience and 24/7 Accessibility
  • Seamless Integration with Major Software Programs
  • Non-Alienating Contacts to Preserve Customer Relationships
  • Optional Secondary Phase
  • Guaranteed Results
Our clients report that over 75% of the monies they used to write off now stays within their business.
What have we collected for our clients in the primary phase?

Audit Department

Preventative Maintenance, with Heart

Your client relationships are the most valuable currency in your business. That’s why we’ve developed a preventative maintenance program that takes the worry out of asking your clients to honor their commitment. Our Early Intervention features are a formulated blend of First Party and Third Party services, created to boost your returns and conserve your customer goodwill.

When you commit to placing your accounts earlier, you benefit from:

  • Enhanced tools and services in the first 30 days of your account cycle
  • Maximized collection ratios
  • Improved client billing experience
  • Minimized volume of accounts ever reaching formal collections
80% Audit Department connection rate
45% Accounts cured within the first 7 days

First Party Program

Beyond the Bill: Who is Looking Out for You?

If you’re here, you’re looking for more. How about a trusted team to execute initial billing, handling incoming A/R calls, and more? TekCollect’s First Party Services are available to clients of all industries. It’s more than just remedying the slow pay accounts – we become an extension of your staff from the moment a customer originates with you.

  • Specially trained First Party Team assigned to your accounts
  • Fully Customizable
Reduce the number of accounts going beyond 30 days delinquent

Increase customer satisfaction


Revenue Cycles, Made Easy

Your medical organization specializes in caring for your patients, and our Medical services do the same. Years of working with clients in all medical sectors have led to this industry-focused program, with high levels of customization to best fit your practice’s needs.

TekCollect’s Medical services are on the leading edge of compliance, education and medical expertise – here’s why we think it’s so unique:

  • Three Phase Approach
  • Fully customized and detailed patient statements
  • Financial Assistance, Education and Service Oriented Strategy
  • Specialized Calls and Written Contacts

Secondary Phase

Strength and Authority, at Your Discretion

Your needs are multi-faceted, and so are we. When your accounts need specialized pursuit beyond our Primary Phase, we offer the services of our Secondary Phase Division staff.

Full service liquidation efforts are provided for a straight contingent fee that includes litigation, when warranted, at our expense.

Our Secondary Phase benefits include:

  • Open-ended structure, specializing in the hard-core debtor with strict follow through
  • Specialized Secondary Phase staff
  • Asset searches, advanced skip tracing, investigate litigation worthiness, and reporting to national credit agencies (i.e. Equifax, Trans Union, Experian).
  • Bank-to-bank electronic fund transfers to accelerate debtor payment
  • Online agent for Western Union Quick Collect and American Express Money Gram, 15,000 locations nationwide
What have we recovered for our clients in the Secondary Phase?

Custom Solutions

Service that Fits You

Our client base was built on the ability to create personalized programs that suit specific industries, volumes, and internal protocols of all kinds. We begin our Custom Solutions with an Evaluative Consultation. This allows our best minds to connect with yours, building a program – and a partnership – that will create the greatest result. Contact us today to get started.

Your business is not 'One-Size-Fits-All'

And neither are we.